The 3-Year Roll of Film

I recently had a roll of film developed that spent at least 3 years in my trusty film camera (Konica A-Com 1). Over half that time it was out of commission, and after I had it fixed, the repairman had rewound the roll, so I ended up with a bunch of double exposures. After finishing off the roll, I took it to Eastman film lab here in Taitung, and I’m quite happy with the results! Here are my top 20 shots (out of 36 total). Google Map links provided to most locations.

Somewhere along Highway 20. I do a lot of camping up here.

Looking north up the coast towards Dulan

A similar view a few kilometers south, just in front of the local air base.

Somewhere along Highway 11 on the way to Hualien

The city of Taitung is just over that hill in the distance.

A small, clean day at my beloved local break.

The Jinzun harbor-view after a surf never gets old

Looking down the Taroko Gorge from Hehuanshan. If you’re lucky and get the parking spot, this is your campsite view.

Chenggong is certainly one of the most beautiful spots along the coast.

The town of Taiyuan, just inland of Donghe.

Stormy Seas

Looks like an irrigation pond imposed on the mountains behind Douli Beach

Hard to place but I’m guessing this was somewhere along the western slopes of Highway 20 near Maolin.

Somewhere near Ren’ai. Can you tell why I’m always up in the mountains?

Approaching Lishan (Pear Mountain)

Siyuan Yakou, just down the valley from Lishan

Sqoyaw – one of the countless picturesque aboriginal villages in Taiwan

Looks like a super clean swell at the river. Not sure about the foreground.


Dulan Mountain in the distance.

Sunset over Fugang

Thanks for looking! Up next is a film prject called SURFERS OF TAITUNG. More of my photography can be found here, film and otherwise. Take care!






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