A Few Days in London

In early 2013 I ended an epic European road-trip in London. Its reputation as a cultural powerhouse surely preceded itself and I wasn’t let down. Although I didn’t see a lot of the big tourist attractions, I spent a few days wandering the streets and got a good sense of the city. Can’t wait to get back!

What’s the first thing you do in London? Go to a pub and order a pint – and fish & chips, of course…

One of the cool things about British culture – they sure do like to hit the pub and socialize on the streets after work.

These were all taken in the SoHo neighborhood. There were a lot of interesting characters on the streets. Here are a few of them…

Let’s take a stroll along the river at night…

Let’s cross this river and hit up that big eye in the sky…

I’ve heard people say to avoid the Eye of London.

And I totally disagree…

While up there, you get really spectacular views of the city. I got a real sense of the scale and grandiosity of London. And we had the typical dreary, drizzling UK weather up there. Classic.

Until the sun came out just before dipping beyond the horizon. It was majestic.

London was my drum & bass homecoming. We went to Brixton Jamm where Q-Project was headlining the 4 year anniversary of a local crew. There were two rooms and it was everything I expected and more. As corny as it sounds, drum & bass made sense in that moment. I didn’t get any better pics than this but it was a great night.

Time to head home.

“Chinese medicine…they’re really onto something…” Really? “Yeah man…”

On the Night Bus.

This guy did some nice UKG beatboxing.

Good morning, and good night!

And finally, big thanks to Heidi for hosting me in London!

Photo Notes:

All shot with the Canon 6D + 24-105L except for the last shot on a Canon AE-1.

I processed most of these with Cole’s Free Lightroom Presets. I’m not usually into de-saturation but in this case, I thought it made sense for London, which is typically overcast, and used the ‘Color Me Rad!’ on most images here.



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