• Best Ambient Music of 2022

    Best Ambient Music of 2022

    Here are some ambient releases that caught my ear in 2022 (2020 here and 2021 here). But first, here’s a little end-of-year awards: With two excellent albums this year, the experimental and usually-dance music oriented artist from London is my ambient artist of the year. Although not fully ambient, they are close enough, and fully […]

  • Best Drum & Bass of 2021

    Best Drum & Bass of 2021

    Despite running a dnb label, I listened to less jungle and dnb than ever before in 2021. There’s simply too many other styles out there (ambient / R&B / house / etc) that excite me. Nonetheless, I do keep my ear to the ground whenever possible, and when something really catches my ear, it’ll end […]

  • Best Ambient Music of 2021

    It was a stellar year of ambient with great releases from Nala Sinephro, Arushi Jain, Hilyard, Salamanda, Nailah Hunter, Ulla, Elori Sax, & many more…

  • Best Ambient Music of 2020

    An incredible year of ambient, with albums from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Skee Mask, Sam Prekop, Jualiana Barwick, KMRU, Heathered Pearls, Ana Roxanne, and many more.

  • Best Soul / R&B Music of 2020

    It’s interesting that r&b has become my genre of choice in 2020. I’ve always been into the 90s, but it’s only natural that I came around to the new stuff, as soul in general is the one thing that influences all my taste in music. My favorite way of keeping tabs on new soul is […]