A Few Days in Rome

In 2013 I met my parents in Rome for the beginning of an epic European roadtrip. Some family friends of ours from Paris described the city as a “village” and I can see what they meant – everything is fairly walkable. And everything is also fairly ancient. Around every corner you might encounter a 2,000 year old structure or a dig site. It was really impressive. The city has a fairly warm (and worn) coloration to most of the built environment, so I tried to keep that in mind while editing these photos.

Inside St. Peters Basilica at the Vatican
The Roman Forum (ancient city center) at night.
When in Rome…
Outside the Colosseum…
The ice cream is definitely one of the best parts of Italy.
The Pantheon was probably my favorite building in the city. A stunning 2,000 year old building!
Hugging a 2,000 year old column, which are made from Egyptian granite!
Luring customers from the street with pasta & pizza
Lots of opportunities for street photography in Rome. The graffiti somehow works really well with all the old stone architecture.
And inside the Colosseum. It’s truly a magnificent structure.
One of the best things about Rome is its many public squares. I love how these high school kids took over this one platfor. And you gotta love that guy pointing at the camera.
Walking along the Appian Way, dating back to 316 BC.
Looking through the pillars at the Roman Forum at night.
Chilling atop the Spanish Steps
Anyone know who this is? Shot inside the Palatine Museum.
Most of the streets in Rome are really narrow.
My parents!

Well that’s it for my Roman excursion. I can’t wait to get back one day and indeed I think it would be cool to live there for a year.

All shots with Canon 6D + 24-105L, processed in Lightroom.



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